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Wastewater from the Food & Beverage industry is sometimes highly concentrated in contaminants and cannot be rejected directly. BIOSTRAINZ™ allows clients to treat the effluent to discharge or reuse it, or to be valued to generate biogas or fertilizer.

BIOSTRAINZ for wastewater treatment:

  1. Condensates recovery

  2. Environmental compliance

  3. Energy-efficient plants

BIOSTRAINZ operates in the following food & beverage sectors:

  1. Non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, etc.)

  2. Milk and dairy products (yoghurts, soft puddings, cheese, butter, ultra-fresh produce, dried products)

  3. Meat (abattoirs, butchers, ready-cooked meals, delicatessens)

  4. Fish (canneries), mollusks and seafood

  5. Bakery products, pastries, pasta products, cereals

  6. Oils and fats

  7. Fruit and vegetable packaging

  8. Confectioneries

  9. Ingredients and additives (yeast, starch, sugar, biofuels, food colorings)

  10. Animal feed