biomass reinforcement1

Adding microorganisms to help the existing microbial community is the most effective way to improve wastewater treatment without incurring capital costs.

BIOSTRAINZ products enhance the performance of biological populations in wastewater systems. They target specific performance goals such as the biodegradation of specific pollutants, improving environmental tolerance, increasing biogas production, and accelerating system startup.

Biogas production: Advanced microbial technologies to improve biogas production and the system efficiency of anaerobic pretreatment units.

Compound removal: Advanced microbial biodegradation technologies to remove unwanted substances from wastewater streams and improve the efficiency of wastewater operations.

Environmental tolerance: Advanced microbial wastewater technologies to help the biological systems deal with extreme environmental conditions.

System startup: Advanced microbial technologies formulated specifically for start-ups to promote rapid and balanced growth during wastewater treatment.