1. General Odor Treatment

    2. Agribusiness

    3. Waste Management

    4. Composting

    5. Industrial

    6. Petro-chemical

    7. Wastewater Treatment/Sewage

    8. Food processing

    9. Pulp & paper

    10. Any organic odor

Offensive odor is usually a volatilsed compound, generally at a very low concentration, which humans and other animals perceive by the sense of olfaction. Odors are normally the result of inorganic gaseous emissions (eg. hydrogen sulphide or ammonia) or organic vapors, which are released or escape into the local environment. Specific odors can represent a health risk.

For example hydrogen sulphide gas, generated by both chemical and biological processes can be toxic.

STRAINCO has developed BIOSTRAINZ Deodorize, which is the most effective, cost efficient and safe solution for immediate odor relief for some of the world’s most intensive odor problems.

Benefits include:


odour control