Reduction in sludge haulage and disposal

One of the key benefits from the introduction of BIOSTRAINZ™ will be the significant reduction in sludge biomass. The reduction can be up to 85% which will result in significant savings in sludge haulage and disposal fees. Secondary cost savings can occur in reduced labor and capital costs required for residual sludge handling.

Energy cost savings

BIOSTRAINZ™ has the ability to lower required effluent detention times and in some applications the need for mechanical agitation. This can result in lower energy costs in treating the influent. Quantifiable energy savings from lower demands on equipment per unit of influent and/or being able to switch off equipment altogether can be realized.

Reduction in chemical additive costs

Chemical additives, such as flocculants, can be reduced due to the lesser biomass contained in the sludge resulting in direct savings in chemical costs. BIOSTRAINZ™ also has antifungal properties lessening the dosing volumes of potential disinfectants resulting in additional savings. The reduction of chemical use will also create an additional benefit to operators as they will handle less of these chemicals.

Increase longevity of treatment plant equipment

Addition of BIOSTRAINZ™ can reduce strain on equipment from handling higher sludge volumes. BIOSTRAINZ™ will also reduce hydrogen sulfide by up to 17% increasing longevity of plant equipment. This should translate to lower maintenance costs of treatment plant equipment.