Increased capacity/capital avoidance

The addition of BIOSTRAINZ™ will result in increased plant capacity due to lower biomass in the process and lessen contact time. This will enable higher volumes of wastewater to be treated with the same equipment resulting capital avoidance.

Increased process stability

BIOSTRAINZ™ may assist in increasing plant stability as there is less reliance on maintaining a biomass. The result is less time needs to be spent on monitoring and tweaking plants to retain stability.

Suitable for all biological treatment plants

BIOSTRAINZ™ is a natural product that lends itself to biological treatment processes and hence there are no special requirements for addition of BIOSTRAINZ™ to a biological treatment plant.

No bolt on technology/capital costs required for implementation

BIOSTRAINZ™ is simple to dose on an ongoing process and can be done manually or by a relatively simple batching process. The result is there is no capital implementation costs associated with implementation.

Reduction in strength of effluent

The efficiency of BIOSTRAINZ™ will significantly reduce BOD, COD, SS, TKN, turbidity loadings in effluents. This will help effluent to meet waste treatment licensing requirements.