Tests in digester units (manure substrate) have shown CH4 has been proven to increase by 35-40%. This substantially increases the energy production capacity and therefore economics of a biogas plant.

CO2 levels off-gassed during decomposition of organic wastes are reduced by 50-55%. This has a large and direct greenhouse gas emission benefit.

Due to the rapid action of decomposition achieved by the BIOSTRAINZ microbes and resultant enzymes temperatures of approx 60°C are achieved. This further accelerates the bio-chemical reaction speed increasing effectiveness. Most natural enzymes could not tolerate this temperature.

Due to the rapid decomposition capacity, BIOSTRAINZ will reduce the quantity of final sludge produced. Evidence suggests that this will be a 10-20% reduction over a 3 day total detention period in a digester relative to natural bacteria. In addition the quality of sludge in terms of contaminants, pathogens, odor, etc., will all be significantly improved.

Corrosion prevention in plant equipment due to removal of sulphides and breakdown of bio-films that harbor sulphide producing bacteria.