BIOSTRAINZ™-Farm is a highly effective natural formula that breaks down organic waste and eliminates odor-causing compounds at the source. Once the powder formula is pre-activated with water, it works quickly to digest waste and other organic material, and to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria. BIOSTRAINZ-Farm is long-lasting and particularly effective in eliminating strong odors.

  1. Removes rather than masks odors

  2. Reduces fly numbers by removing organic attractants

  3. Helps neutralize harmful ammonia

  4. Accelerates the decomposition of organic waste

  5. All-natural, chemical-free formula

Improve Water Quality & Optimize Production

BIOSTRAINZ-Farm is a powerful blend of probiotics that improves and maintains water quality by accelerating the removal of nitrogenous wastes and enhancing biology. BIOSTRAINZ-Farm supports optimum animal performance in all aquaculture systems.


  1. Algae control

  2. Nutrient management

  3. Odor control

  4. Feed additive (in countries with regulatory approval)

Other Observations:

BIOSTRAINZ-Farm Improves Water Quality

  1. More efficient Nitrogen Cycle

  2. Improved DO levels

  3. Reduced sludge accumulation

  4. Reduced need for pond cleanout, improved pond bottom

Supports Optimal Production

  1. Improved yields

  2. Improved feed efficiency (FCR)

  3. Improved growth rates

  4. Improved survival rates

  5. Extended production periods

  6. Reduced off-flavor product

Reduces Operating Expense

  1. Reduced need for water exchange and aeration

  2. Reduced need for sludge digesters

  3. Reduced need for denitrifiers

  4. Can reduce the need for antibiotics

Reduces Environmental Impact

  1. Reduced water discharge volume

  2. Optimized water discharge quality

  3. Reduced energy and fuel use


Clean coops, bedding, grounds and other areas with BIOSTRAINZ-Farm solution according to the following specifications:

  1. A 10-gallon quantity (approx. V packet) of BIOSTRAINZ-Farm solution is sufficient to cover a total area of approx. 350 sq. ft.

  2. For the equivalent of a 350 sq. ft. area, thoroughly mix 1.75 oz. (50 grams) of BIOSTRAINZ-Farm (approx. ½ packet) into 10 gallons of standard tap water. For smaller areas, mix 2 teaspoons per gallon. Allow the mixture to pre-activate for two to four hours. Stir well for a minute or so after the first two hours.

  3. Dispense the active solution evenly with a farm & garden sprayer, spray bottle or plant waterer.

  4. If other cleaning agents are used, it is highly recommended that BIOSTRAINZ-Farm solution be the last solution sprayed onto coops/floors/pens/bedding after all other types of cleaning agents have been used. Repeat procedure at weekly intervals as necessary.


Odor & Ammonia

Application Rate

Mixing (water)



Floor area /

One 3.5 oz powder formula packet per 700 sq. ft.

Mix at a ratio of
one 3.5 oz. powder formula per 20 gallons

Decant solution
into sprayer or spray bottle. Spray over coop surfaces, bedding, floors, etc.

Apply when bedding is first laid or when coop is cleaned; reapply
each week as necessary


Please refer to the Application Manual for BIOSTRAINZ-Farm dosing programs.


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