With BIOSTRAINZ™-H you are using BIOSTRAINZ™, the most powerful live enzyme technology available to rapidly digest waste matter in your septic system. Solids are hydrolyzed by the powerful enzymes and the contaminants are then converted into their final elements. These are off- gassed as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. In the process, your septic system is rapidly deodorized and will operate with a substantially higher efficiency level.

Most septic tank additives require weekly or monthly dosing and cannot break down solids, however, by opting to use the new BIOSTRAINZ-H, it is quite simple to restore proper functioning of septic tank systems.

BIOSTRAINZ-H is powerful enough to restore performance in most systems that have stalled or are struggling under heavy loading. However, the best approach is to treat your system every 3 months to ensure that fat deposits and sludge do not build up in your tanks and leachfield. Over time, the leachfield will be cleared of built up deposits that restrict proper drainage. If you have persistent problems, it may be necessary to pump your system to remove accumulated waste. You can then commence using BIOSTRAINZ-H and your system will remain in balance.

BIOSTRAINZ-H is the easiest and most cost effective regular maintenance you can perform for your septic tank system, providing years of hassle free service. You are also ensuring minimal impact on the environment when choosing BIOSTRAINZ-H.

BIOSTRAINZ-H utilizes the same technology used in commercial sewerage treatment plants.

Instructions for Use

  1. Open packet.Product will be charged into septic system with the next flush.

    • Disperse powder into toilet bowl after last flush for the day and leave in toilet to activate and clean and deodorize toilet bowl and pipes. For properties with more than one toilet, divide sachet evenly between all toilet bowls.
  2. Repeat treatment in 3 months.

For commercial or large systems please use one sachet per 10T tank volume or ask about BIOSTRAINZ-H


Importance of Septic System Maintenance

Homeowners should be prepared to ensure proper maintenance of their septic tank systems. Poorly maintained septic tank systems are a serious source of water pollution and may cause odor problems, drainage issues and present health and sanitation risks.

Proper functioning septic tanks systems need to operate under certain conditions. Factors which can lead to treatment failure, system blockages and odor problems include:

When odors become noticeable and drainage is impaired, this is a serious indication that the septic system is not coping and it is a sign of hygiene and environmental risk.

Benefits of Use


3.5oz /10Og NET sealed packet contained in a sealed box.