Wherever you store water it is subject to waste matter. For example, in a pond, leaves, fish, dust and pollen all deposit waste into the water.

In any water feature (even ones with the best filtration), small particles of organic matter will enter starting the natural decomposition process. This causes water discoloration, sludge accumulation and may also lead to odor and disease issues.

With BIOSTRAINZ-Pond you are using the most powerful biocatalyst technology available to help remove organic contaminants from your water. These contaminants are converted to their final elements which are off- gassed as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, ensuring your water is kept clean, free of nutrients, free of algae and in good chemical balance, just as nature intended.

What to expect

When you first apply BIOSTRAINZ-Pond the biology of the water will be restored and enhanced. This can cause short-term darkening of water as bottom sludge gains buoyancy but is part of the accelerated decomposition process. Over the course of 1-2 weeks you will notice the water becoming progressively clearer, blue green algal growth will be removed and sludge or waste accumulation will be eliminated.

How do I know it is safe?

With new information emerging regularly about the impact of chemicals of any kind in our environment, many people are naturally concerned about minimizing their use. Chemical methods can often lead to more serious problems, possibly even deteriorating water quality in the long term. Excess chemical usage can also be devastating to plants and wildlife.

BIOSTRAINZ-Pond is 100% natural, non-toxic and currently used in many commercial applications where it is applied directly to animal drinking water, aquaculture production water, hydroponic water and crops.

Benefits of Use

  1. Safe for fish, pets, stock and aquatic plants

  2. Fast acting, easy application

  3. Improves water clarity

  4. Removes accumulated bottom sludge

  5. Reduces nutrients that support algal growth

  6. Boosts oxygen content of water

  7. 100% natural and non-toxic

Ideal for

  1. Fish ponds

  2. Water features and fountains

  3. Bird baths

  4. Greywater tanks

  5. Rainwater tanks


3.5oz /100gm NET sealed packet contained in a sealed box.