BIOSTRAINZ™ can work synergistically with many existing technologies that enhance wastewater operations:

a)  The use of a system of aeration—especially in an effluent storage lagoon or tank—works well to provide more oxygen to optimize the effectiveness of BIOSTRAINZ.

b)  The use of mechanical mixing and scouring technologies that improve the circulation of solids throughout the water column will assist in maximizing the contact of BIOSTRAINZ catalysts with the substrate.

c)  Lift stations and pumps that pressurize the effluent from a treated septic tank can be ideal in helping to more quickly conduct BIOSTRAINZ enzymes through the septic system and on into the leach field, where it can continue to break down organic solids even into the soil formation underlying the leach bed, thereby improving percolation.

BIOSTRAINZ is not compatible with most chemical anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents such as those commonly used in many types of commercial toilets or septic systems. These broad spectrum biocides are specifically designed to inhibit biological activity. Please note that BIOSTRAINZ products do have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and dependent on application it may be possible to substitute BIOSTRAINZ in lieu of hazardous chemicals.