1. Degrade & Digest Organic Matter

BIOSTRAINZ™ rapidly degrades the molecular structure of any organic matter into simpler structures through its accelerated catabolic enzymatic activity. It then rapidly digests the full spectrum of organic matter into final inert end products via microbial digestion.

2. Anti-Microbial

BIOSTRAINZ cultures produce a powerful anti-microbial agent known as a Pediocin (or Bacteriocin). The pediocins produced by BIOSTRAINZ are effective on the full range of gram negative and a wide range of pathogenic gram positive bacterium. The mode of action is unlikely to build specific resistance and is via membrane destabilization and autolytic action or cytoplasmic leakage leading to cell lysis .

3. Anti-Fungal

BIOSTRAINZ produces a peptide compound known as an Iturin, which is a powerful anti-fungal agent. Iturins are also known to eliminate Aflatoxins. This capability is deployed in cropping, water treatment and human health applications of BIOSTRAINZ.

4. Toxin Neutralization

BIOSTRAINZ contains killer toxins that provide an ability to neutralize a wide range of toxins. This capability is deployed in animal health, environmental and human health products.